Recent Projects

Recent significant and ongoing projects include:

2003 – Present    Scottish Assessors Portal
Leading on information management and delivering programme management services for building and operating the Scottish Assessors Portal providing web-based access to Scottish valuation roll and council tax data.  Data architect for Portal database and back office processes and data standards.

2014 – 2017    Data Improvement & Digital Transformation, Registers of Scotland (RoS)
Land and property data architect on the Data Improvement and Digital Transformation programmes at RoS.  Established master address database underpinning the Land Register and worked with senior management team to develop a business-wide data strategy.  Advised on and managed UPRN address matching exercise for Land Register title addresses.

2013 – 2014    Best practice in land and property management
Review of best practice in land and property management in England and Wales for KPMG Bahrain (with ConsultingWhere)

2008 – 2011    DECC National Energy Efficiency Data Framework
Senior consultant in team engaged to develop the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) National Energy Efficiency Data Framework (NEED).  Provided technical advice and quality assurance on national address data matching and statistical modelling of the national NEED data set.

2010    Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Review and evaluation of energy efficiency data sets for Foresight data observatory.

2008 – 2010    National Addresses Register for 2011 Census
Lead consultant providing address data and information management services to Office of National Statistics (ONS) in support of National Addresses Register development for 2011 Census.  Provided supporting analysis and quality assurance for development of address data matching system and delivered national programme of data improvement workshops with local authorities.

2007 – 2008    Communities & Local Government Green Spaces Database
Expert advisor to DCLG Green Spaces Database project providing information via an internet web mapping application. Lead on green space and local authority data sources and stakeholder participation. (with Infoterra).

2005 – 2006    Review of National Spatial Address Infrastructure Proposal
Expert advisor to local government technical advisory group to provide strategic and technical review of National Spatial Address Infrastructure proposal. Followed 2002 independent review of the NLPG address data for HMLR-led ACACIA project.

1998 – 2006    National Land Use Classification and Database
Land use adviser to Office of Deputy Prime Minister’s Planning and Land Use Division.  Advised on local authority data collection strategies, land use classification standards and national pilot projects for creation of the National Land Use Database.